It is with a heavy heart that we inform all those who watch and keep up with Matt and the Handi-Able project that on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 Matthew had a severe stroke that left him incapacitated and in the CCU of Marshfield Hospital.


Matthew is well known for being very independent and a fighter. The stroke had left him with the loss of mobility of his left side, his speech, and his ability to breath. After a week of being in the hospital through some ups and downs and constant care, it was too much for Matthew.


On 12/11/14 Matthew "wheels" Kluender fought his final battle. With his loved ones surrounding him, he passed away from complications of the stroke.


From day one, he was never without a loved one by his side; friends and family watching and praying. Everyone was trying to notify people that they could think of with whom Matt had a friendship. That list is way bigger than anyone could ever have imagined. People from all walks of life was touched by Matthew. We are sure some have not been notified of his passing. For this, the family does apologize.


Matthew was a great man with a vision. That's where the Handi-able project came in. It was his dream and he made it happen. He never once let anyone or anything stop him from starting this fantastic journey. His plan was to finish the last leg of his trip this upcoming year.


Now with Matthew's passing, here is where this leg of his journey ends and a whole new beginning starts with all new adventures for him wherever he may be.


Matthew was loved by all and will never be forgotten. The impact he made on people and society was huge. His positive influence was felt by all that came into contact with him. Many can recall their first time meeting Matthew. His great outlook on life and that wonderful smile were some of his best attributes.


He was a lover and a gentleman, holding doors open for the ladies, always flattering them with words of kindness and his wonderful charm. He liked people and could always find the good in them even when others couldn't.


His gift for conversation was immense. If you let him, he would talk for hours with a gleam in his eye about his plans for his future adventure or the wonderful people he had met in the past. But he never bragged about things; just enjoyed his life and his accomplishments.

He was also very sincere; a great listener and could read people. He was always keeping a close eye on his friends and somehow always knowing when something wasn't right. He put others needs before his. It's just how he was.


Matt was one of a kind; they broke the mold as one would say. He will live on in spirit and in our hearts forever.


To contact the family for condolences please send all emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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